Thanksgiving 2023

Succinctly put, I am thankful that I no longer work for the Rodent. That was a soul-sucking two years, and what pisses me off the most was that there was nothing I could steal from the office on my way out. Fuckers. Hell, I might even be rooting for DeSantis in his war against Disney just because.

Since my family is getting together on Saturday, I figured I would drag my fat ass to Griffith Park. It was a nice day, and while walking along the Riverside Trail I realized this was the first time I went on the trails here at home since my first date with E back when I lived in Pedro. We went over to the Forrestal Reserve, and he gave me a hand job until we heard some people coming through on the trail. I’ve been out hiking when I travelled in Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, wherever. But it had been a while I’ve done it here at home.

I was by myself today, so no handjobs, and even if I went with someone there was a healthy amount of people on the trail. And Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar helped me not to be completely bored.

A Thanksgiving selfie at Griffith Park with Downtown LA in the background.
Looking down on the Downtown LA skyline from Griffith Park.
The Griffith Observatory with the Greek Theater peeking out from underneath.