Breeders, Fuck You

I find it odd that a bunch of catholics would come and protest this and not the fact that their cult is known for adult men fondling and fucking boys. Not just a few boys, mind you. Not just a few incidents. But a lot. So much so that a fucking movie about exposing these crimes won the Oscar for Best Picture. That’s fucking rich. And they’re upset the Dodgers are honoring a group of catholics who actually helped the gay community especially during the height of the AIDS crisis? When no one would touch us and the fucking president just thought it best to let us fucking die?

Fuck you.

Let me be perfectly clear with you heteros. Pride is not about us queers subjugating ourselves for your acceptance. It is about us making ourselves seen and heard and demanding that we are seen as fellow humans just as we are, not whatever versions make heteros feel comfortable. We’re not all your gay best friend, the little accessory you take shopping with you, that will plan your parties, weddings, what not.

Yes, you might be uncomfortable with some of us. And you know what? Tough titty. For once you have to navigate our world that we had to create because of your ostracization, and you want us to feel bad? Get fucked.