A Couple of Thoughts Before Election Day

I just don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. There is one party that has become so blatantly fascist in their rhetoric that it even makes asshole clench when I think of them taking power. Then there is the other party that wants to say that they are fighting for the people but still take their marching orders from the multi-billion dollar corporations.

Just watch. Come January we will have a senator from Ohio who wrote a book about the plight for poor white folks but was funded by the ultimate venture-capitalist supervillain from Silicon Valley. We will have a senator from Georgia who doesn’t have any comprehensible thoughts but does know how to spread his seed. We will have congresspeople, governors and state officials from all over who believe in the most far-flung nuttiest conspiracies that make Robert Anton Wilson chortle from his grave.

And things ain’t no picnic here in California and LA. I think the biggest issue we face in this city is the homelessness crisis, and even though we have democrats up and down the leadership and executive roles, fuck all has been done about it. These spineless weasels are busy lining their pockets with money from developers, so much so that building a single toilet facility in a park in San Francisco costs $1.7 million! Here in LA, the former city councilman for my district was ousted being implicated as the ringleader of a corruption ring in city hall with developers by the Feds. My current city councilman refuses to resign after being a part of some racist-ass power grab bullshit that was caught on tape. And the choices we have for mayor are a real estate developer/mall builder/USC president and a congresswomen who got a scholarship for a masters program at USC by questionable means.

So you see why I stocked up on alcohol not only to prepare for election night and the new era of batshit crazy conspiracy-laden fascism that will surely come. Maybe my upcoming European vacation at the end of the month will truly be a search for a new home?