Kevin De Leon Must Resign

Yesterday the LA Times reported on a recording made a year ago that found LA City Council president Nury Martinez, fellow councilmembers Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon and LA County Federation of Labor president Ron Herrera making fun of and using racist comments targeting fellow city councilmembers Mike Bonin (and his adopted son), Nithya Raman, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, the Oaxacan community and the black community. LAist has a good non-paywall writeup of everything that is involved.

Well, guess who is a constituent of Kevin De Leon? And guess who wrote an angry email telling him to resign? I already have a low view of the city council as a whole with their impeccable handling of the homeless crisis. But anyhow, here is the quick note I sent off to his office:

As one of your constituents in Downtown LA, I was shocked to hear your voice on those recordings the LA Times reported about yesterday. While my esteem of the council is already very low especially with the way the council has handled the homeless crisis in the city, this in-fighting that only serves the very powerful few just furthered sank my opinion of the council. And with you as a part of this conversation, I do call on you to resign for the sake of the city. 

It’s easy to make councilwoman Nury Martinez the scapegoat here since she spat the majority of the venom that was exposed on the recording. However beyond the racism and the epithets uttered, the blatant power hungry motives that surfaced show that all involved are not interested in making the city a better place to live. I mean, I’m not so naive as to not think there are ambitions of power, but for it to be so blatant is quite sickening. 

You can apologize, ask us to judge you on future actions like councilwoman Martinez did, however you broke the trust. I don’t trust you to make the decisions to make the city better and specifically to make Downtown LA a better place to live and do business. 

As your constituent and my representative on the city council, I ask you to resign. 

That’s it. We’ll see what happens. We have elections for five of the districts coming up, and Cedillo already lost his primary and is on his way out. But you know what? FTP.