I Can’t Stand All of You

We are all such insufferable tits.

First we have the obvious assholes, the fascists we call the republican party who are trying to turn this place into a combination fundamentalist Christian theocracy, a Ku-Klux-Klan utopian wet dream and the Fourth Reich. Then we have their counterparts where every perceived cultural slight and sin must be condemned by stripping all means of sustainability of life and forever be branded with the scarlet letter, where there is no room for growth or forgiveness. On one side you have the Hitlers, on the other you have the Puritans. Germany 1939 or Salem 1692?

There’s no wonder why I prefer the company of my cats to getting outside the confines of my apartment.

I don’t have an answer to this, because I don’t have any faith that people will calm the fuck down. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all burn in a Schopenhauerian hellscape where I just sit in the middle of it all roasting marshmallows. Or it will be the death of a thousand papercuts which, if it’s done correctly can be arousing. I mean if it’s going to be over, might as well have a hard on, right?

These are just some thoughts I had this week. I have been busy reading William Gaddis’s J R. A book that is almost entirely unattributed dialogue, I’ve tried to read this several times before never getting past the first 120 pages. But I’ve changed the way I read getting rid of all distractions including music, and most importantly allowing myself to read slowly. And by slowly, I mean I can only get through about 25 pages in each sitting. It’s taken me three weeks to get through 3/4 of the book. THE END IS IN SIGHT!!!! And I have to say the hype of how genius the book is is I think justified.

I can’t believe it’s already October. I’m in Europe late next month to the beginning of December. Then it’s 2023. Fuck.