Why Do We Let Them Do This To Us?

Over the weekend I started watching Yes Theory and Drew Binsky travel vlogs, especially the ones that showcased “dangerous” or “hostile” countries. What struck me was how welcoming the people in those countries are and reinforced the notion that the governments of the countries are not the people of the countries.

We all know that politicians are no better than scum on this planet, so why do so many people lose their heads over them?

Look at all the dumbasses gathering around Mar-a-Lago after the FBI raided Trump’s estate. And look at all the Hillary Clinton acolytes cry when she lost in 2016. Why do people keep putting their hopes in these scumbags when all they do is disappoint? Seriously, they act like a bunch of mental defects frothing at the mouth over whatever version of reality they believe in.

These fuckheads get off on dividing us, on stoking Civil War. And we’re letting them do it to us. Like KMFDM said in their 1996 song “Dogma”: “We don’t run Washington and no one really does/Ask not what you can do for your country/Ask what your country did to you.”

I fucking hate politicians. I hate the people who idolize them. I hate people who can only talk politics. We can do better than this.