Nothing Makes Sense

The problem with politicians is that they are so removed from reality, they do and say some fucked up shit because the worst thing that happens is they don’t get reelected. Like I don’t understand this Russian invasion of Ukraine because the Russians don’t want it, the Ukrainians don’t want it, the Russian-speaking folk of Ukraine don’t want it. Just that beady-eyed oddly waxed almost septuagenarian Vladimir Putin. When’s the last time someone just decked him?

Then there’s Texas governor Greg Abbott who decided to classify gender-affirming care for trans youth as child abuse. This is the same asshole who argued that Texas should still ban same-sex marriages, who wants to force incest victims to give birth to their own siblings, who doesn’t believe in winterizing infrastructure. Since he’s not using his legs, maybe someone should chop them off and beat him with them.

Even though we’re still in a pandemic and mask mandates are lifting, I don’t know why people think Covid is done and not masking up. It’s like all of us fagolas going condomless with the advent of PReP even though lovely drug-resistant strains of syphilis and other STDs are starting to run rampant.

That’s mostly why I just tend to ignore all of this shit and just stay in my lane now since I’ll go insane with rage if I think too hard about it.