Radio Silence

Sure things have been uneventful around here. Being an official employee of the MouseTM has not been what I expected. I was bracing for the worst from them, but surprisingly everything has been smooth. I got a promotion which involved another couple of pennies per week which won’t affect me financially one way or another. But the best part is having a good boss and being a part of a team that has made me and my team welcome. Funny enough it’s been the Hulu team that has made things difficult for the last month. But things are starting to calm down a bit, and with my new team’s help things are coming to some sort of normal.

My new cats Baptiste and Mercy whom are better known as Bubbas and Mommas basically have full reign of the apartment. They go where they want, and they’ve totally stolen my heart. Bubbas is the more adventurous one and more of the people pleaser while Mommas is more cautious. Both will run and hide under my bed when a stranger comes into the apartment, but Bubbas will emerge first to investigate. My only complaint about them is how messy they are with the litter and how they want to eat everything I eat. But other than that, they are the best mood stabilizers I have.

We’ll see how they deal with my absence coming up on my birthday weekend. I have planned a quick trip to Berlin, so we’ll see if they retaliate by pissing all over my furniture. I still remember how Kiko would get so mad at me for leaving for a weekend she would piss on my bed everyday for a week while I was at work.