How Low Can I Go

Pretty low, evidently.

The last post came because I had a sudden hankering to go to Death Valley. I realized I had never been there before, and even though it’s not like I’ll never get the chance to do once I move, it’s probably easier to make a spontaneous trip from here in LA. So I went. I figured out a route, woke up at 6 am on Saturday and went on my merry way.

Being the time of year with the mild weather, it was hard to find the solitude I wanted for some reflection time. To be honest, I did want to see the famous places like Furnace Creek, Badwater Basin and the Artist’s Palette, so I can’t exactly be disappointed.

Death Valley is astounding, a setting filled with juxtapositions that show not only the harshness of life but how adaptable it is. A place so low is right next to the highest point in the lower 48 in Mt. Whitney. A place that currently is so harsh and bleak used to be a sea bed filled with some of the oldest rocks at least 1.7 billion years old.

Shit is tough and we just have to deal. Eventually shit changes. I know, deep. Just call me Plato.

Road to Nowhere.
The road to nowhere. Heading into Death Valley through an ancient lava bed.
A lonely Joshua Tree.
Going deeper into the desert. Passing through the Mesquite Sand Dunes to head past the hills to get to Badwater Basin.
The lowest point in North America. It was a pleasant 89F/32C on this day.
Artist’s Palette. Pretty.

Naturally I did listen to Sonic Youth’s Bad Moon Rising which contains “Death Valley 69” which features Lydia Lunch. Going down. Sadie I love it. Now now now! Death Valley 69!