I’m going to pretend like I didn’t spend all weekend flipping between local Baton Rouge and New Orleans news stations following what was going on with Hurricane Ida. But bitch please. You know I was glued to that shit like I was 16 years ago trying to see what was going on with Hurricane Katrina. But this time was a little different.

While I spent the time in 2005 fearing for the complete destruction of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, this time I was focused on what would happen with Baton Rouge, precisely the specific neighborhoods I’ve been looking at to buy a house. Oh, and while we’re dispelling my delusions, my flirting with Wyoming as a place to live is laughable. Their homes are ugly, and I don’t do well chilled. No sirree.

It looks like Baton Rouge escaped the worst of what was forecasted to be 10 inches of rain and over 100 mph wind gusts from Ida. Instead they got an inch or so of rain, but the wind gusts of 70 mph were enough to knock out power to most of the city and drop trees onto the streets and some houses. But in a city that tends to be flood prone despite being above sea level, they were relatively unscathed.

Moral of the story is my mind is pretty much made up: I’ll be moving my ass back to Baton Rouge. I don’t know the timing or anything, but that’s where I’ll be ending up. My mom hates it: she calls Louisiana absolute hell. But I need somewhere to live as I get old and withered. And yes, I did use the event of a nearly Category 5 hurricane to focus on me me me. But isn’t that what personal blogs are about anyhow?