This was 2020

Well this has been a shitshow, hasn’t it? It’s really easy to bitch about what happened this year. Low hanging fruit. But rather than focus on that, here are some good things that happened this year.

  • I was forced to move out of my San Pedro apartment and moved into a place in Downtown LA. Fortunately I was given a buyout.
  • I basically spent June in bed. I was prescribed Lexapro, and now I feel a lot better. Amazingly enough this is the first time ever I’ve been prescribed antidepressants (although I probably should have been on them a long time ago.)
  • Learned working from home is just as productive as working in an office. So fuck going into the office. No more!
  • Went to Montana in October and fell in love with the place.
  • Started listening to music again. No. REALLY listening to music.

Here are some things I’ll be working on in 2021:

  • Montana vacation starting tomorrow, actually. My boss is going on maternity leave in February, so I’ve got to take the vacay when I can.
  • Be healthier overall.
  • Move. I’m actually going to move within the same apartment building, but I would like to have more closet space.
  • Better clothes. I used to consider myself a bit fashionable. What the fuck happened to me?
  • Maybe start creating music? I’ve never been much for writing music. Maybe I’ll remedy that this year.
  • Once travel restrictions lift, get my ass over to Berlin. And have sex. Tons of sex. If I don’t get an STD, I will have done things incorrectly. Shit, I want a fucking prolapsed anus. If I’m not sitting on a rosebud, 2021 will be a huge bust.

I’m not one to whine about how awful 2020 was and have any sort of naïve illusions that 2021 will automatically be a better year. Hell, I’m not expecting to be in a post-COVID world until deep into next autumn. I guess with age comes wisdom, and since I’ll be turning the ripe old age of 42 in March, I will have the answers to all of life’s questions? Hm. Whatever.