The Year 2019

I don’t know quite how to judge a year. Since unlike 2018 I didn’t almost die, I guess it was a successful year.

Here are the places I travelled to this year:

Seoul, South Korea
Honolulu, Hawaii
San Francisco, California
Montana and Idaho
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Paris, France
London, England
I turned 40 this year and wasn’t as traumatized about it as I thought. It was also the year I did hallucinogens for the first time in 20 years. I mean, it is legal in Amsterdam, so why not take advantage while I’m there?

Here are the top 15 bands and musicians I listened to this year:

Nine Inch Nails
Mr. Kitty
Skinny Puppy
Front Line Assembly
Depeche Mode
Aesthetic Perfection
Boy Harsher
PJ Harvey
I kept promising to revive The B&J Podcast but didn’t. I do think it will happen in 2020.

I do have half the mind to delete Facebook. But only half. The other half? Don’t know where that is.