Fuck. The hits just keep on coming. The day after the Dodgers shat all over Game 7 came word that Joe Ricketts (of the Chicago Cubs and TD Ameritrade fame) abruptly closed all Gothamist sites including my former writing home LAist. *sigh*

What first got me irate was that the archives were completely shut down. Sure I have saved most of the stories I wrote for LAist, but gone would be the proof they were published in the first place. This fucking needledick billionaire motherfucker is just taking all of that away from everyone who had ever written for any of the sites. The proof of our online existence was gone. I mean, this dickhead has all the money in the world, he can at the very least afford to keep this shit up.

Then came word that the archives might be saved which dissolved most of the anger. Now is sadness. I remember what LAist was back in 2007 when we were just running around LA writing about everything and anything that came into our heads. The friends I made, Tony Pierce, Carrie Meathrell, Zach Behrens, Lindsay Williams-Ross, Lauren Lloyd, Peggy Archer, Tom Lewis, Jeff Koga, Christine Ziemba and Jean and Matthew and Ali and Sarah and Caleb and Joey and Sloane and ohmygodI’mforgettingsomanypeople. But FUCK!!!!!


I just feel what little is left of my heart has been ripped out. I don’t. Yeah.