First Day Again (For the Fourth Time) 

Today was the first day of the old/new job, which for silly legal reasons will be referred to as the old/new job even though everyone knows what company I am talking about. 

It was also the first day of the new commute which was bearable since I took the train. Because I’m getting on board near the start of the line, getting a seat was fairly painless. 

All in all, the first day wasn’t bad at all. I dare say it was even pleasant. All I did was get acquainted with the different software they use since it’s completely different from the last time I was there five years ago. 

There is also some little white girl whose signature file says, “Namaste.” I really want to meet this bitch and smack her. How fucking insufferable. 

What was really nice was meeting up with Madd after work and getting dinner in Culver City. Sure, I’m typing this on my phone while on the train home. But all in all, it was a good day. 

Chips and Salsa