In Limbo

I’m in limbo right now. I basically have a new job, but we are in the process of salary negotiations. Late yesterday afternoon, my new prospective employer asked me questions about my optimal start date and optimal salary. I replied and still haven’t heard back from them, and it’s making me nervous. Did I answer the questions incorrectly? Was I being so outrageous that there’s no way they can see nay negotiating room? Did I fuck this up and am now forced to stay in the current hell of a job for eternity?

This is why I don’t like haggling.

Of course I realize that as I’m writing this in the 8:00 hour way before anyone would be at work in that company, so this battle is a war I’m waging against myself.

It’s weird to be in this state of limbo though. I know for all intents and purposes that I have the job. I know that at some point I have to give my notice at this job. That thought is keeping me buoyant even though I am dead tired and needed the alarm to wake me up. But that anxiety I mentioned above is also simmering in there, so I’m not completely floating in the air.

Edit: In the late afternoon, a salary had been agreed to. So all my anxiety was all for naught, I suppose. Now, I’m only waiting to see when they want me to start. Watch it’s all a practical joke and they say my start date is April 8, 20never. MWA!!!!!