This Is 38

On Saturday I decided to start the day with a little hike in Forrestal. It’s amazing to see how much the flora have grown. At the entrance what is usually brown shrubs that are patchy at best, you see this:

Forrestal Trail Head

These flowers are taller than me.

I didn’t see any snakes today, but this time more flowers have started to bloom. Rather than just the brush sunflowers, there were also plenty of Catalina lilies and Indian paintbrushes bloom everywhere.


After getting sweaty and tired and realizing how out of shape I am, I go home and eat a Subway roasted chicken sub (not pictured.)

That night, Cathi, Tyson, Ben and Emma took me out for steak and cake. Rather than go to our usual haunt of Damon’s in Glendale, we go to the Bull Pen in Redondo since everyone loved it when we went last year. I had a prime rib with baked potato, and no pictures were taken because if you don’t know what that looks like, I feel concerned for you.

We go back to my place for cake and games. Eventually it was Emma’s bedtime (since she is 5), so they all went home. I then go out to Bar Mattachine with Daniel and Staci. I have two Manhattans and a Tuxedo #2 (gin, maraschino and absinthe.)

Here is Daniel:

Damn Daniel

Here is Staci pretending to be angry at me while I pretend to pout:

Me and Staci

There were a couple of very drunk girls that we witnessed. One exposed her crack for the world to see. Another tried to sit on a set of velvet ropes only to realize that gravity isn’t very kind.

We closed the bar, went to Astro’s, then I got home at 4 am.

On Sunday I wake up at 7:30, get upset, turn on Daria, go back to sleep and wake up at 9:30. I go to brunch with Madd where I have this Bloody Mary at Maggiano’s:

Bloody Mary

Here is me with my Italian sausage brunch:


We walked around the Grove and Farmer’s Market. I got marzipan. Several people also compliment me on my Siouxsie tee. I go home at 6. Go to Trader Joe’s. Go to sleep.

This morning I unfortunately have to go into work to process payroll for our warehouse workers. I leave at 9:30, come home, do laundry and do nothing all day.

It’s been a better than expected birthday.