A Cry for Help

Last week on Facebook, Tyson posted that he took in a cat-hoarding agoraphobic neighbor’s cat after said neighbor died a few weeks ago. The cat died a few days later, sadly, but thinking about the old agoraphobic cat-hoarding neighbor, I realize that that could be me. So what did I do this weekend to combat this unfortunate end?

I stayed home, watched tons of movies and tv shows and made my spaghetti sauce. Yeah, I’m really doing a great job combatting what I’m assuming to be my fate.

That said, I got through half of Santa Clarita Diet (inoffensive fluff) and am almost done with the first season of Westworld (the show thinks it’s more interesting than it really is.) I watched What We Do in the Shadows (pretty fun), I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore (a bit dull, but I found myself having a strange attraction to Elijah Wood), Krisha (pretty good first feature film), Nowhere (perhaps my favorite movie of all time) and Sausage Party (typical Rogen/Franco haunt.)

Speaking of Elijah Wood, I remember running into him once at a Scissor Sisters show at the Wiltern back in 06 or something like that. My friend Nicole had tickets and I had nothing to do that night, so we went. I remember seeing Elijah jump up and down in so much dancing ecstasy. We both giggled at that. We ended up leaving after four songs since neither of us liked Scissor Sisters and it was jarring for me seeing these muscle queens wearing pink boas and thinking they were flamboyant.

Here is a text exchange I had on Saturday where the other party was drunk while I was sober. I need to be far less sober in my life.

Drunk Text