New Podcast Blues

Brendan and I are starting a new podcasting venture, “Werewolf Pod Mitzvah,” a 30-Rock podcast where we watch and discuss every episode of what Brendan says is the best television comedy of all time. I had never watched the show, so you’ll get to hear a person discover the show as it unfolds. Think of something along the lines of “Gilmore Guys” but not as cloying.

In starting this up, I’m forgetting just how much busy work is involved in setting this up. First there is getting the domain and website settled. Then there is making the podcast art. Then there is submitting the applications to get it on iTunes and Stitcher. It’s a slow process, and I just wish there was a way to snap my fingers and have all the administrative things be done.

But it’s getting done, slowly yet surely. Of course work gets in the way, but aside from whoring my fat ass it’s the quickest way to get income right now.