Where’s the Art?

I was reading something Henry Rollins wrote in his LA Weekly column recently, and he said that with the whole Trump thing we should just drown ourselves in music. And I’m more than happy to do that especially since I have an unsatisfying desk job. As I’m listening to all this great new music from musicians like Kanga, SØLVE and Dead When I Found Her, one essential part that is missing is the album art.

Part of consuming CDs and records and cassettes was having the liner notes open in front of me while the music was playing. If there were lyrics I’d follow along with it. If it was just the art, I would sit and stare as the music enveloped me. Sure, the music is as accessible as ever, but it’s much harder to fully embrace and absorb the music.

I guess if something comes along and really knocks my socks off, I’ll buy the LP if it’s available to get the album art that way. But it’s just not the same.