Working Girl, Again

Here I am at a respectable job yet again. I posted about it on Facebook on Friday, and there were quite a few people congratulated me and “liked” the status update. I wish I could be as enthusiastic about it as they are.

I mean, there are worse things out there. I’m employed. I’m around people. I’m not homeless. I’ll have income so I won’t be dirt poor anymore. So I suppose that’s good. But all of that avoids the real problem of the situation: I don’t like accounting. It’s boring, tedious and quite frustrating at times. And not frustrating as in it’s hard. It’s more akin to wanting to strangle a bitch for doing something stupid, a mistake that gets compounded the further down the line it goes.

This means that I need to get my ass in gear and get the writing part of me all set. Hopefully my distaste and depression for this job will get me to jump start that, and then I’ll be trolling press boxes once again. Well, I guess that’s the hope.

Today was actually quite grotesque, the fact I had to wake up at 6:45 am so I could poop, shower and leave the house so I could make it by 8:15 am. It’s weird to have a set start time at a job. I haven’t had a desk job since around 2013, so waking up that early is foreign to me. And even when I had a desk job there was no set time to be in, especially at Hulu.

It’s a Korean-owned clothing manufacturing company right on the border of Huntington Park and Vernon, I guess where the really horrible second season of True Detective was set (I didn’t watch it apart from 30 minutes of the first episode.) Yes, my uncle hooked me up with the job, but I don’t think they’re supposed to know that. I doubt any of them would read this, but if so, oops. People speak mostly Korean around here, so I suppose my Korean is going to get better just by osmosis.

Another good thing about the place is that clock-out time is 5:45 pm, so there is no pressure to look busy for a long period of time and skip dinner and waste your life away at a desk far far away from home. They also provide lunch which is nice. Naturally it’s Korean food, and the owner asked me if that was okay. Ha!

Oh, and there is a Blue Line stop just a block away from the office. So I can Metro to work!!!!! You don’t know how stoked I am about this.

One of the first things I’m doing is creating some financial reports for a bank audit that they’re going through. I’m trying to figure out where some the numbers they’re giving me is coming from, and it’s really confusing. It appears that they just come out of thin air. Just poof! It really is an accounting nightmare.

And I guess this goes back to the heart of my ambivalence about this job: that I still remember the accounting shit and can do it quite easily. I’ve also had to remember some of my old Excel tricks which I haven’t used since my last stint at Hulu. It really is horrific.

But I suppose there are worse things out there.