It’s Oh So Quiet

Well that was fast, wasn’t it? Just over a week after I took The Grandmother to the emergency room, we placed her in a hospice care facility yesterday. At the hospital when the case manager told me they were able to place her, I cried tears of relief. I get a little bit of my life back while The Grandmother will be looked after by nurses 24/7.

I’m so tired, though. Days of being right next to The Grandmother for over 12 hours at a time, changing diapers, trying to get her to eat when she couldn’t even lift her head up much less sit up. That is done. I guess now I just have to brace myself for the inevitable family fights, but that I can just ignore all of that nonsense.

Ever present in the back of my mind is the fact that The Grandmother is going to die soon, and that is okay. She is 87 and led a full life. She got to see her great-grandchildren, she traveled all over the world, she accomplished a lot for someone who was sickly her entire life.

But last night I really needed to let off steam, so my Wifey Daniel and I went out barhopping in DTLA where 3 gin-and-tonics really got me very happy especially with all my pent-up horniness. Hell, I haven’t even talked about having sex with a 23-year old several weeks ago and all of the existential questions it brings up for me.

Regardless, I needed to let off some steam last night, and I was very happy it was with Daniel.