Perfect Day

When I heard the little asshole deliberately went into a gay bar to shoot it up because he didn’t like boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls and undeclared kissing everyone, I went past sadness and grief to anger. Fuck this little asshole who wants my fellow fags to live in fear.

Fuck the glad-handing hypocrite politicians who send their “thoughts and prayers” but privately are jumping for joy and screaming hallelujah because 50 fags were killed.

Fuck G4S, the privatized militia, jailors, etc. who employed this little asshole and who I’m convinced helped the little asshole believe that violence is good, violence is capital.

Fuck all of the gun apologists — I’m tired of hearing your equally tired excuses gunsdon’tkillpeople thegoodguyswithgunswilltakecareofthings.

Fuck not being able to donate blood because I’m gay.

But then my life went on. I had an apartment to clean, laundry to do, groceries to buy for the Grandmother. Now the anger has dulled to sadness. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more uplifting day.