This Is 37

Last night, Ben and the Tran-Kaisers came down to the South Bay to do an abbreviated version of STEAK AND CAKE. Since Damon’s was out of the question, I picked a family-owned steakhouse in Redondo called The Bullpen. The decor was reminiscent of Regal Beagle from Three’s Company. It was no tiki a-la Damon’s, but it was pretty nice.

To be honest most of the evening was a blur. Since I don’t drink very often, the three Sapphire and Tonics I drank allowed me to be completely disconnected. I know there was cheese toast, rib eye, baked potato, salad. I know that everyone was very pleased with the quality of the service. I know that the inscription on my cake was well appreciated by the staff of The Bullpen.

My only complaint was it was over way too soon. I got home by 8 so The Grandmother wouldn’t feel bad. I was slightly hungover by 9. And that’s it!

This morning was my normal weekly Sunday manse cleaning. There was some more birthday cake eaten. And that’s really about it.

It’s 37. It’s prime. I’m over it already.