Peyton Manning Is A Lying Piece of Shit

Peyton Manning is a good ole boy and would never sully his body or his wholesome image by taking HGH. That Al-Jazeera is a turrurist organization who is trying to bring down American values by sullying Peyton Manning’s name. See? Look how angry he is at the report!

See? HGH would never be sent to his house. HOW APPALLING THESE ACCUSATIONS ARE!

Oh wait. Yesterday we found out that Manning’s wife did receive shipments of HGH at their home. And not only that, but Peyton hired a couple of PIs to spook the whistleblower’s parents.

I don’t know nor do I care whether Peyton Manning took HGH. I have always maintained that all performance enhancing substances should be allowed. But the fact that this human Garbage Pail Kid is finally showing is shitty side is thrilling, makes me laugh particularly at all of his adoring fanboys and fangirls. Maybe he can get some comfort by the equally shitty-excuse-of-a-human Papa John.

As for the game on Sunday, Denver should be used to losing big in the big game: in 1990 they lost to the 49ers 55-10. They are going to be down 31-0 by halftime while Cam Newton dances his way to Super Bowl MVP.