I Cursed the Donald, AND IT WORKED!

On Monday I ventured out to Ocean Trails. Since I hadn’t really done much of any opining yet of this upcoming presidential election, I felt the day of the Iowa caucus was a good day to start. So since Trump National is right up against Ocean Trails, I put a curse on him. I would have done it a la Happy Noodle Boy thusly:

Noodle Boy

But given that this was a selfie taken on my phone and part of the composition required to see a hint of Trump’s golf course, I thought it best to do it this way.

Apparently I was very successful. Trump came in second to Ted Cruz in the caucus, started whining about it today, and that’s probably as much as I know.

The only candidate out of the whole lot whom I can barely stand is Bernie Sanders, but I really loathe and despise his fanboys. I’m halfway rooting for Hillary just to see those cunts start crying.