Please Send Me To Barcelona

I would like to very much go to this music festival in June in Barcelona. If a benefactor (or benefactors) would pay for my flight, my lodging, my tickets, my meals, I would be very appreciative. I give good head, have an insatiable asshole and am pretty fucking dirty.

PJ Harvey, Air, Suede, Explosions in the Sky, Drive Like Jehu, Dinosaur, Cabaret Voltaire, Tortoise, Mudhoney, Boredoms, Current 93, Shellac, Psychic TV, Autolux, Neil Hagerty.

I’m a bit confused as to why all the oldies yet goodies are in the lineup. Is it because they heard how dull and boring the new music the kids are listening to nowadays and realize they can blow those cunts right out of the water? Either way, I’m happy that these folks are still making music.