Welcome Back LA Rams

On February 1, 2011, I was in Downtown LA next to Staples Center hearing people trying to sell the media and LA on this football stadium called Farmers Field. An executive from Farmers Insurance sat next to me during the press conference trying to pump up my enthusiasm in the NFL coming back to LA.

“Until I see a shovel, I won’t believe it,” I told her. I then proceeded to list the different sites we had seen come and go by that point. I pointed out the Seattle Seahawks already had their stuff in moving trucks back in 1996 until they pulled back at the last moment.

Besides, fuck it. No tv blackouts. No stadium traffic jams. No extorting taxpayer money. I was fine with the NFL staying away.

But here we are. The LA Rams are back, and what is this emotion I’m feeling? Could it actually be a glint of happiness? Why, yes it is!

As with everything else NFL related, I’m torn. Sure I’m happy to have a team — I suppose I could be a Rams fan. Maybe. But I feel bad for the folks in Inglewood who now are subject to the extortion by the NFL billionaires. I feel bad that there is no easy mass transit solution to get to the proposed stadium in Inglewood.

Nevertheless, the Rams and the NFL are back. Let’s just hope they stay in the LA colors and not the ones below that Georgia Frontiere changed to when they went to St. Louis.

St. Louis Rams

Also, I have to say I was right. There was no way Farmers Field or Ed Roski’s plan out in the City of Industry was ever going to work. They didn’t. Although I believe I still have a PowerPoint presentation by the Roski group on a thumb drive somewhere hiding in my desk.