After the Rain

One thing I hate explaining to people is that I care for my grandmother full time. I don’t have another job. I don’t go to school. My whole existence is trying to make The Grandmother as comfortable as possible. I don’t need THAT face — you know, that face filled with pity and relief that one doesn’t have to do to the same thing. Over the last several weeks, that’s been one thing I’ve had to repeat over and over again. Maybe I’ll win this Powerball jackpot and not have to deal with it anymore.

The last couple days have been rainy. Here in the Pedro we didn’t get hit too hard, only about 1.25 inches of rain. Although last night around 11 we got a big thunderstorm pass through here. One jolt of thunder was so big it set off car alarms and scared the Grandmother half to death. Stupid thunder doing only half the job.

So today I went out into the world down by the shore. Funny enough right as I finished and got into my car, it started to rain for a little bit. Talk about an isolated shower.

Big Wave