I rarely spend my leisure time in Koreatown. Sure I’m there to take The Grandmother to her doctor appointments and what not. But just to hang out? Very rarely. There are many reasons for this:

– Very shitty drivers
– Even shittier roads
– Racism (This probably applies only to me and other hapas.)
– Shitty customer service

But here are the two reasons why all four of the cons above should be nullified:

– Great food
– Great hours

Seriously. Late night food and dessert galore. It makes me wonder why more areas don’t have this. I talk a lot of shit about my peoples, but at least we have that figured out.

So Madd and I went to IOTA Brew Cafe for some food and ANKO for shaved ice.

Me and Madd

Espresso Shaved Ice

I'm Eating

Madd Hiding Behind Her Weapon

Well, my vacation will soon be over. Back to bitching about The Grandmother soon!