Fear and Lots of Loathing

I find it sad that in response to the mass shooting in San Bernardino last week, people have responded by buying more guns and applying for more concealed weapons permits. I understand the fear. I understand the helplessness. But what exactly is a gun going to do? Does one imagine that when a shooter like that comes into their office, they’ll just whip out their gun and shoot him dead? By the time the gun is produced, you’re dead. Guns are just about as effective as a blankie in safety. The only difference is that a blankie won’t kill anyone (save for a very rare and extraordinary circumstance.)

I’m not even going to begin to dissect the fascist idiocy that a certain presidential candidate uttered, but man. Fear is a powerful thing.

Thinking about my last couple of posts here, and man, I need a hard penis rammed into my butthole soon.