Youth Is Wasted on the Young

Tony Pierce wrote one of the most depressing things ever the other day. After Halloween he rightly admonished UCSB kids for allowing the police trample over their right to party. Apparently some yahoos up there didn’t agree with Tony, so he amended his thoughts thusly:

they say things skip a generation. maybe thats the case for IV too. maybe these kids really do want to study, but they dont want to learn. we wanted to learn. we wanted to live. we wanted to date a different girl every day for a week. we wanted to ingest one different thing a night every day for a month. we wanted to see Janes Addiction and then be them. We wanted to see the Grateful Dead and then be hippies.

we wanted to start newspapers and make poetry books and fight anyone and everyone and dance and kiss and dance and kiss and dance.

these kids want to graduate.

I think about my younger cousins who are just starting college now and wonder what’s wrong with their sense of fun and adventure. Tony unfortunately hits the nail on the head, and it really depresses me.