I Was Caught in a Hit and Run. Again.

On Monday before the rains unleashed its sudden fury upon Downtown LA, there I was in my little Toyota Camry on Flower Street trying to escape back to my little hamlet of San Pedro. My grandmother had an appointment at her knee doctor, and we were ready to get the hell back home.

It’s around 3 pm when I’m just crossing under the 10 freeway in the no. 1 lane when the car in front of me brakes suddenly. I proceed to do the same thanking that my brakes are still good.

I look in my rear view mirror as I tend to do and see a white SUV charging right at me unable to stop in time. Fortunately he is able to veer to the no. 2 lane to miss me. However Ms. Black Honda Civic wasn’t able to follow suit. I was expecting to hear a big boom followed by a sudden jolt and the sound of my dashboard completely ripping apart because of those goddamn stupid fucking airbags, but no. I hear a collision but it doesn’t sound like it comes from my car. Just a faraway-sounding thunk.

I look to my right and see Ms. Black Honda Civic’s left headlight dangling. Oh shit. Her car got a bit fucked up. I start to try and move off to the side of the road, and to my surprise I see Ms. Black Honda Civic just zoomed the hell away. I’m shocked that she doesn’t want to exchange information. I guess as much as I want to be Mr. Jaded Cool Cynic, I’m just a naïve schoolboy at heart.

So while Ms. BHC might have jetted, I pulled over to see how bad the damage is. My grandmother, bless her heart, was wondering if the car had broken down. She didn’t even feel the collision. As you can see above, all you can see is scrapes on my bumper. Not even a dent!

It reminded me of the last hit and run I was in. But rather than being angry, I couldn’t help but laugh. C’est la vie.