Jimmy Gone Wild Labor Day Weekend!!!

Santa Monica
Santa Monica

I know I find the concept of a “Jimmy Gone Wild” weekend hilarious since there is very little actual wild things going on. My yobo Daniel summed it up succinctly in an email yesterday: “when your ___ GONE WILD weekend is at its naughtiest when eating high glycemic load foods, we can expect you to put a sentence together.”

And that’s basically what it’s all about for me: catching up with friends and hearing the bits of their lives that don’t end up on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or whatever. There are no drug-fueled orgies or forgotten moments although I do wish those things would happen.

It all started with catching up with Daniel and Staci Friday night. Hearing what they have been up to reassured me that age doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it is time to tame things down. Of course I could feel my bitter jealousy start to bubble up as I listened to their exploits, but that’s just a stupid thing really. We had a pizza party and walked over to Pazzo Gelato which looked a lot smaller than I remembered.

Saturday was a day with Emma featuring Catherine, Tyson and Ben where we got crazy with Souplantation, Target and Colombo’s Italian Steakhouse in Eagle Rock. Sunday was Noodle World, Santa Monica and crepes with Madd.

There was nothing wild. There was me talking loudly (as I tend to do) and making people very uncomfortable (my specialty!!!) There was a lot of walking. There was a lot of laughing. It was all too much so that I had to rest all day yesterday. High glycemic loads and walking. That takes it out of me.

I get another wild weekend the first weekend in October.