Jimmy Gone Wild Night 1

Yobo CartoonA rare late night post from me. After a tiring day going from doctor to doctor to urgent care with the Grandmother (she’s fine — she just has an infection in her elbow that is okay now) went over to Daniel’s to have an impromptu pizza party with Staci. To show you how wild we were, we also went and got gelato at Pazzo, then went back to his place to watch an old episode of the 1950s and 60s game show “I’ve Got a Secret.” Now I am just beat.

By the way, this image is a emoji thingee Yobo made of himself that were going around the texting the last couple of days. I just stole this one to serve as an image placeholder since we didn’t take an pictures of our way too exciting evening.

We may be a little high maintenance, but we’re worth the extra cost.