What an Ass

Last night’s Dodgers-Giants game went 14 innings and became almost as insufferable as Yankees-Red Sox games. The time-of-game was 5:29 which meant the game ended at 12:39 am when Adrian Gonzalez hit a single to the left field wall that scored AJ Ellis for the 5-4 win.

One thing that had me transfixed in that 14th inning was the Giants’ relief pitcher Mike Broadway. Well, specifically, his ass. Look at it!

It makes me want to go in there and motorboat ’em.

I remember sitting in the right field pavilion for the lone playoff game at Dodger Stadium in 2006 and felt just as hypnotized by Mets rightfielder Moises Alou’s ass. It also helped that Alou is a piss queen, too.

Fans tend to me annoying and stupid in general, and of course there were tons of social media lobs hurled at Dodger fans for not packing the stadium and not sticking it out through all 14 innings. It amazes me that people will use the level of one’s masochism as a measure of fandom. “I’m a bigger fan because I stuck it out in 10-degree cold wearing only nipple pasties and a thong.” “I’m a REAL fan because I sat through 12 hours of a game while hung over for the last 8 hours because they stopped serving beer and food.”

Even the mentally differently abled (is this the safe term for them?) are too smart for that retarded bullshit.