‘I Love Your Hair’


I was out and about this afternoon, and there was a homeless teenage girl walking around who bore a striking resemblance to Nina Hagen. “Hey,” she yelled out to me. “I really love your hair.”

Nina Hagen

“Thanks,” I said.

“No really. I love your hair. Really.”

And then I took off for my next errand stop.

I wanted to talk to her a little and see if she really was a reincarnation of Nina Hagen, but seeing how I am so strapped for cash myself I feel bad for engaging and not have a little something to give.

It really was nice of her to like my hair even though I really hate it. Actually I really hate my overall appearance, but it felt nice to hear her say it. It makes me wish that more boys would say something to assuage my ego. It also makes me wonder why I don’t get more nude shots of boys. Maybe I need to put myself out there more?

I spent most of the weekend adding posts from 2005-2007 on here, posts I thought were lost when the entire site when into the shithole and weren’t crossposted to LiveJournal. But thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, most of them survive much to my astonishment/horror/surprise. So they’re here.

Saturday night I watched the series finale of Hannibal, the first time I ever watched the show live on television. I finally caught up with the series a couple of days ago, so it seemed like a good time to actually watch the show when it aired. I haven’t liked this Red Dragon arc, so I gotta say…