Thanksgiving 2014

Dead Cat

Since my family got together for Thanksgiving last night, I have the day to fart around. I was feeling off because of the increased sodium intake, so I knew I had to do something. Since it’s damn near 90 degrees here in Southern California, I thought it would be a great day to go to the Forrestal Preserve for the first time in months. And it was gorgeous out there.

Catalina Island

Sure I went only 2 miles, but what this lacks in length it makes up with… elevation (not girth you fucking perverts). It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so the initial climb was a bitch. It goes from 443 feet to 801 feet in 0.35 miles — that’s an average of a 19% grade right off the bat.

Now I’m back home doing laundry.


I’m not thankful for anything you fucking bastards.