CFB: An Epic Game

Notre Dame
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Yesterday was a mostly uneventful day in college football that ended with a wallop of a game. The only game of note was West Virginia’s upset of Baylor at home in the first set of games. Seeing Alabama shutout Texas A&M 59-0 raised my eyebrow, and the continued struggles of Florida elicited a giggle.

But the evening ended with Notre Dame at Florida State. Given the odious nature of FSU’s quarterback Jameis Winston, it was odd seeing a lot of people passionately rooting for Notre Dame to win. I’m no stranger to this. I do believe that Winston did rape that student, and thanks to an FSU machinery that rules Tallahassee (and also society’s hatred towards women) he was allowed to escape any charges.

I get that most people are pounding on Famous Jameis because of the pay-for-autographs investigation which I have been rolling my eyes at. I don’t care if players get paid for their autographs. In fact I encourage it because it takes money away from the schools and the NCAA cartel. So if this is the sole reason people hate Winston, get a fucking life.

In the first half, Notre Dame asserted themselves while Florida State was trying their best to respond. The Irish led 17-10 at the half, and Winston looked flummoxed by the pressure the Notre Dame defense was throwing at him.

Then the second half happened. Winston went 10-for-10 in the third quarter. In the entire second half he went 15-for-16 for 181 yards and a touchdown. He was only sacked once. Florida State didn’t take the lead until 7:39 remained in regulation. Then the defense showed up.

Notre Dame had to punt on the next drive, and the Seminoles went conservative going three-and-out pinned against their end zone. Down 31-27 Notre Dame had another chance to win the game, and it looked doomed from the start. Incomplete, completion for a loss, a sack. In a blink of an eye, Notre Dame faced a fourth-and-18. Florida State brought pressure, and Everett Golson looked like he was getting sacked. But he squirmed away and made a desperation throw to the sideline.

Somehow, some way, Corey Robinson caught the ball and lunged forward and out of bounds for the first down. Yes, Spurs legend David Robinson’s kid helped keep the drive alive right after he was being interviewed on the broadcast by Heather Cox.

Then Notre Dame marched their way down the field. As old time announcers would say, they “matriculated” down the field. A 17-yard pass, a 12-yard run, a 6-yard slant. Next thing you know they had first-and-goal at the FSU 8-yard line with 45 seconds remaining.

Fourth down at the 2 yard line. Robinson caught the touchdown that gave the Irish the 33-31 lead pending the extra point. Notre Dame had won! I actually cheered. Some girls outside my apartment laughed when they heard this. But then the flag and the offensive pass interference on receiver CJ Prosise. It was as clear as day and the right call. After the 15-yard penalty, Golson’s throw came nowhere near a Notre Dame player, and the game was over. Florida State won 31-27.

A funny thing happened, though. Instead of filling with rage and disappointment, I was very happy after watching a remarkable college football game. It was filled with drama, it had some great plays, it had some miraculous moments. I still hate Jameis and think he’s a rapist. But that Florida State team is pretty darn good despite looking mortal at times this season.

Looking at the new Napkin Rankings, I am questioning them a little more this week. I don’t think Georgia is that good, and I’m amazed UCLA is still up there. I’m really questioning this process, but I’ll see how it plays out the rest of the way. But here they are.

1. Florida State (13.5. points)
2. Georgia (13 points)
3. Notre Dame (12.5 points)
3. Ole Miss
5. Baylor (12 points)
5. Mississippi State
7. Alabama (11.5 points)
9. Louisville (11 points)
9. Nebraska
9. USC