Strange Monday


I don’t think New Order or the Bangles ever did a song about strange Mondays, but it’s been a strange one so far. My mom went camping over the weekend and was going to come back tonight. She called me this morning to say the car she and her friends were using needed a new water pump. Because the mechanic needed the pump brought in from LA, the car would not be fixed until tomorrow. So that was strange.

Then I was editing the podcast Brendan and I recorded last night. No matter what I did, the best way to describe it was “poor”. For one, there was some audio issues since we recorded via Skype, but it wasn’t all that terrible. It was just badly produced, a mish-mash of nonsense that was so bad that even I wouldn’t release it to the public. Maybe I’ll release snippets of it or something.

And then there was word that Mark Bell died. Known for being one half of the British dance duo LFO (not to be confused with the American boy band LFO), Bell had surgery last week and died? I put this as a form of a question because I’m not clear what happened. The only thing I know concretely is that he is no longer living.

Of course, I know of Bell more from his collaborations with Bjork from remixes to full on producing starting with Homogenic.

I think I will spend the evening watching the Weather Channel’s coverage of severe weather through the Ohio Valley and Gulf Coast. Or Logo’s marathon of Don’t Trust the B…. in Apt. 23.