The NLDS Was a Willy-Shrinker

Kershaw Exits Stage Right
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

There it was. In a Matt Adam home run in the seventh inning, the game was sealed.

Yet again Don Mattingly didn’t trust his bullpen to come save Clayton Kershaw at the first hint of trouble. I don’t blame Donnie. Despite what happened in Game 1 I would rather use my ace until his arms lands half way between the mound and the batter’s box.

But a left-handed hitter getting another home run off of Kershaw’s curveball? It proves that in the playoffs logic is laid waste to the forces of sorcery. At least, that’s how I’m justifying it because there are no other explanations that can answer this in my mind. Matt Carpenter, Kolten Wong and Matt Adams should not be able to beat the Dodgers, but that’s what happened in a nutshell.

With the Giants beating the Nationals in the late game, the NLCS is set between the Giants and the Cardinals. It’s going to take a lot of fortitude I can summon from the depths of my being to watch this series, but I’m going to try.

I can see the I-70 World Series happening again, a replay of the 1985 sans Don Denkinger. Of course this means it will be an orange-and-black Halloween special between the Orioles and Giants.

But for people who can’t bear to watch, the Kings drop the puck tonight.