Twin Peaks!!! (And Katy Perry, Chelsea and D’Angelo)

Twin Peaks

I’m still trying to get over the day in sports on Saturday, seeing my Chelsea side toying with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal early Sunday morning and the Orioles and Royals completing their sweeps in their respective Divisional Series last night. Fortunately for myself, I don’t watch the NFL.

But the best news that could have ever happened came down this morning: Twin Peaks is coming back!!!!! Mark Frost and David Lynch are coming back together to reboot the series which will air on Showtime in 2016. David Lynch will direct all nine episodes of this run, and I have been running in circles like an excited chihuahua in heat ever since.

It needs to be said that I’m rewatching the series on Netflix right now. And rather than binge watching it, as I have done in the past, I am limiting myself to one episode at most per day. I want to absorb each episode as much as possible, to let the weirdness and minutiae seep into my consciousness. I’ll admit I’ve never gotten farther than the big reveal in the second season — the identity of Laura Palmer’s murderer. But now that I’m past that and into the other dark aspects of town of Twin Peaks, there is some masterful storytelling going on here.

So I guess the news comes at a perfect time for me.


Because Chelsea didn’t play until Sunday at 6am, I didn’t feel the need to wake up early on Saturday. I missed Katy Perry’s stint as guest picker on ESPN’s College GameDay. Here it is in its entirety, and it’s surprisingly very good.


Speaking of Chelsea, when they finally played, it really was a work of art. The game was delayed because of Arsenal supporters lighting flares outside of Stamford Bridge, but once it finally got on, boy did it. Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-0, and while the score seemed close it looked like the Blues toyed with the Gunners the entire game. The match can be capsuled by this moment between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho:

Really, Gary Cahill probably should have been given the red card there. But to see Wenger push Mourinho just had me giggling. And almost nothing gets me to giggle at 7 in the bloody motherfucking morning, but that did it.


And because I’m a huge D’Angelo fan, here’s an oral history of D’Angelo as written by Vice. It’s not particularly mind blowing, but it is pretty good reading for D’Angelo fans.