Psyence Fiction and Memories

After about a week of oppressive heat, it was all right to go for a hike.

After about a week of stewing in the heatwave, things cleared up yesterday in which I immediately took off for Portuguese Bend to get some form of physical activity. I ended up taking less than two hours for a five-mile jaunt which I guess isn’t bad considering I had to wring out the sweat from my shirt when I was done.

Tonight I’ve been going retro in my music listening. Started out with some DJ Shadow, then veered over to Aphex Twin to Orbital to UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction. Yeah. I went late 90s tonight. Listening to UNKLE took me back to driving in the dead of winter 98/99 (I don’t remember, really) from Atascadero to Santa Barbara going back to school after New Years with friends. There is something of being caught in a David Lynch driving scene going down the 101 while blasting “Rabbit In Your Headlights” in my 87 Honda Accord hatchback. Damn, I miss that car.

Think back, I wonder what happened to the blogs I wrote then. Of course those were days before they were called blogs. It was before I could just type text into a box, hit publish and voila it looks all pretty. No. I had to write things in a text editor, make sure all the formatting looked all right, upload, check in both Internet Explorer and Netscape. When I had to design stylesheets myself or cheat by using tables. Actually, I should know better than to be wistful about that shit. I can read the old LiveJournal entries I exported onto this thing.