joan rivers and death

The big chair in the parking lot of LA Mart.

i was on the toll lanes of the harbor freeway near usc just as they separate from the main part of the freeway and become the second level when i heard that joan rivers died. i cried.

after the fight with the writers union a couple of years ago, i stopped watching fashion police on e!, but it in no way diminished the way i viewed her. she’s a fighter and a trail blazer and somehow survived all the crap that life threw at her. well except for the last one.

it’s also a reminder that i have to get ready for my grandmother’s death. being with her everyday, i’m numb to seeing her deteriorate little by little every day. but joan’s death is a reminder to me that one day, suddenly, my grandmother will not wake up.

that’s not why i cried though. i will miss hearing joan rivers and watching her work. especially because it seemed like she was still plowing on.

and, now, i will continue to dread the day when i have to deal with my grandmother’s death.