waves and a word of warning

Even the surfers dare not tread.

today was supposed to be the peak of high surf generated from hurricane marie that’s sitting about 900 miles south of los angeles. i went to the cliffs to take a looksie, and even from 125 feet up they look quite impressive. they looked like 5-10 feet waves, and they certainly stirred up the sand on the coast.

all along the coast there were waves as high as 30 feet. what was once a category 5 hurricane is now only a category 1 with 75 mph winds. i wondered what it would be like if marie was stronger.

Hurricane Marie

from there i took off to the forrestal reserve and did a 4-mile hike. and here are a few words of warning. now that i am not completely obese anymore, just really fat, i have now taken to hiking shirtless to even out the tan. yes, i’m getting to a point where i am a little more comfortable with my body. somewhat. i’m fine with the jiggle as i’m hiking, but on a normal walk i’m still hesitant. but i’m telling you, the farmer’s tan has got to go.