happy birthday madd


today is madd’s birthday. she’s __ years old. (it’s rude to divulge a lady’s age, don’t your parents teach you no manners, asshole?) here is a bad webcam picture of me in front of two of her paintings that hang above my bed. ok. there is an awful glare on the painting on the right which is a deep green background. sorry.

she has a lot of paintings that you could purchase, and it would make her day if you bought some. her website is MadPaintings.com. you can even commission her to do a painting!

i’ve known this bitch since high school. how we met is a bit confusing especially since we didn’t go to the same high school or have any afterschool classes or activities together. but she is one of the few people i’ve known for just around two decades or more. (how’s that for dealing with age?)

so happy birthday madd. moodle noodle. ha!