acupuncture, ambient

More blood sucky.

fridays are acupuncture day, and today i asked him to take out blood higher up on my leg rather than just on the foot. he obliged and was surprised at how much of the coagulated blood came out. as gruesome and barbaric as it might seem, my foot and ankle are a lot better.

i got through jack womack’s first novel ambient the other day. it’s one of those dystopian cyberpunkish novels that i’d been meaning to read since the late 90s. there were some awfully great romantic lines.

I wished we could hug until we’d crushed each other’s bones.

“You look good enough to beat,” she said, winking.

Here is something religous, also:

The Q documents-discovered by a team of Israeli and American archaeologists-were the long-lost original gospels. They detailed how Jesus, a trusting sort, was hired by Pilate to spread confusion among warring Jewish factions; how Judas found out and so betrayed his betrayer; how Jesus, pulled from the cross in time’s nick by those wishing to use the affair for their own effect, recovered and was by accident seen by his horrified followers; how some of his followers were so horrified that they wished to kill him-again; how Jesus escaped with his wife, Mary Magdalene; how he died, at an advanced age, somewhere far from Gethsemane. You can infer the rest.