more pelicans, glenn burke, espn

I really like pelicans.

did the ocean trails/trump trails/whatever-the-fuck-its-name-is which i really enjoy. sometimes there are cute guys without their shirts. today no such luck though. i think there are tons of fishies just off the shore because the pelicans and the sea gulls were flying very low skimming the water. the dark stuff in the water you see above aren’t schools of fish. they’re kelp beds. mmmm! seaweed.

Ocean Trails bench for a breather.

i didn’t watch nor care about the all star game yesterday, but i guess they said a couple of words about glenn burke, the former dodger and athletic from the 70s and 80s and supposed creator of the high-five. yes, he was gay and al campanis and that shitbag turned manager turned mascot tommy lasorda didn’t like that jettisoning him to oakland because of it. so after soccer, the nba and the nfl got an openly gay player, baseball is finally getting around to confronting their own homophobic past.

i also heard the broadcast didn’t mention tony gwynn. very fucking classy.

Playing around with color here at Trump National.

speaking of circle jerks, it looks like the espys are tonight. anyone who cares about this should be automatically sterilized.