cliff diving, lebron james censorship and castration

Don't Fall

yesterday a kid went cliff diving off of inspiration point, close by where i take my hikes. you can see it in the above picture, the promontory closest to the center. we’ve had rip current warning here in southern california for the last week or so. right as the kid dove, the waves overpowered him and he’s been missing ever since. the la times described him as a “weak swimmer”. how can you enjoy diving off of cliffs and be a weak swimmer?

i remember back in 2010 espn pulling arash markazi’s piece on partying with lebron james. it sounds like nike killed another profile piece that was written back in 2011. they said it was cynical and negative. i didn’t think so. but then again for several years i wrote about sports on a regular basis.

Watermelonoink oink. yup, it took me 30 minutes to kill half a watermelon. now i’m pissing like the mulholland fountain for the rest of the day.

someone came to this website using the search term “need to be castrated”. should i be scared? intrigued?

i’m listening to hole a lot this week. the rage on the early stuff is pretty fantastic. “i know all you bitches by your christian names” “i can really fuck you up / cuz i’m the demon buttercup”

there is some bullshit going on about prince fielder posing nude for the cover of espn: the magazine’s body issue. some is good. i ain’t no fan of the motherfucker, but kudos to him for doing it. besides most people with bulging muscles and carapace-like torsos only have it for show. basically functionless muscles like the colorful plumage of peacocks.