who cares?

Don't Fall

it’s been nice getting back into a hiking rhythm again. i basically took last week off since after fisting class last saturday i came down with a really bad migrane while driving home. the pain shifted all over the right side of my head last week. that probably means i’m going to die or something. one can only hope.

now that the us is out of the world cup, the sports media/shouters are having their quadrennial debate about whether soccer has finally made it in america. who cares? if you like soccer, keep watching it. if you don’t, don’t. it’s almost bad as the fucking retards who spent the entire world cup so far on twitter just bashing the game and the round-robin format of the group stage. we get that you love [insert favorite sport] above any other sport that others may enjoy. no one really cares, really. you just end up looking like a cunt.

i think i’m going to use flickr more than instagram. i like the editing capabilities of flickr more than instagram.