‘fuck women. they make you drink and they’re stupid.’

Water Tank Trail

i figured 3 weeks was long enough to be out of commission, so i decided to go back to the scene of the crime while listening to coil’s black antlers. “scene of the crime” was actually going to be the title of this post, but more on that later.

i looked down that precipice, and it really didn’t look that steep to be honest. it confirmed that it was my stupidity, my mental retardation that caused me to take the tumble and sprain my ankle. i started to have the thought of going down that trail, but in a rare moment of clarity i stopped. i just took a picture and went on my way.

at the end of burma road, the halfway point of this particular jaunt, i sat down on one of the rocks not really to catch my breath but really to gather my thoughts. then up comes this man with a sun hat, long sleeved shirt and khakis. i could tell he was an asian man in his 40s. i made some idle chit chat for a bit, and once i got tired of that decided to head off back to my car. to my horror he followed.

he asked me what i did for a living, and the more he talked the more i realized he was korean. he was getting awfully comfortable talking to me. i mentioned that in a former life i was a numbers cruncher. then out came the misogyny. how women are stupid but they’re good at accounting. how women as managers can only get rid of employees. how women drive him to drink. how he loves to drink. a lot.

i kept trying to interject that you can’t really make generalizations, that women are essential. but he wasn’t hearing any of it. typical korean man, really.

i was trying to think of how to properly tell him off when he announced he was going to take off on another trail. saved. back to coil, and i went back into the joyous haze of their music. as i was going back up to my car, i kept thinking about my cousins if they fell in line with this dude’s thinking.

i resolved if any of my cousins were this misogynistic, i would punch out all of their teeth. yes. that’s a good solution.